About Virtual Venue3D

The world of events has seen a dramatic change in the Covid-19 era with heavy restrictions imposed on travel and gatherings. While these restrictions hinder the possibility of conducting an event, it opened the doors to Virtual Events.

Events serve a very basic function of bringing people together to facilitate the exchange of information. This played a very key role in every organization. Be it for the purpose of impressing potential clients, meeting with current clients and stakeholders, rewards and recognition, employee engagement programs etc. Virtual events are a step towards recreating a part, if not in entirety, the experience of attending a physical event.
Our platform is built with this very purpose in mind. With feature-rich user experience and high levels of customization, this platform is ideally suited to host any format of virtual events. From global conferences having people log in from around the world to employee engagement programs, this platform has it all.

With features that allow multiple simultaneous live sessions, two-way interaction between speakers and attendees, showcase areas, inter-attendee interactions, downloadable and easily consumable content and a host of other highly experiential user options, this platform provides a seamless and immersive event experience.

Virtual Venue Screenshot